Free Self Service COI’s – 24/7 – Never miss a load for not having a COI

We pride ourselves on customer service and giving tools to our clients to help them succeed. Our 24/7 self service COI portal can help you make sure to never miss a load for not having a COI. This a free service. Create and send as many COI's as you need. Create from your Iphone and/or your computer. Email directly to who ever is requesting a COI from you. Just follow these easy setup instructions and in minutes you will be creating your on COI's. Once your have setup your 24/7 COI portal. You may return to your portal at any time at We suggest you bookmark and save this link to your iPhone and/or Computer.
  1. Create a password and click "Save".
  2. Your user name is your email address
Self Service COI Step 2
On the top right side of the page. Click on "Send Certificate". Self Service COI Step 3
Enter your the name and address of the company your wish to create your COI for: Self Service COI Step 4This information will be saved.
Here you will add your vehicles: Self Service COI Step 5
  1. The subject line is filled for you or you can change it.
  2. You may enter a message to COI "Email Body Message".
  3. To send your COI. Click "Send Certificate"
  4. Your COI will be sent the certificate holder you just set up and you will receive a copy for you records.
  5. You may log back into your client portal at anytime to review sent COIs and send new ones.
Self Service COI Step 6
To review COI's sent:
  1. Click on "Other" on the right side of the page
  2. Then click "Cerificates Sent"
  3. This will show your list of COI's you have sent.
Self Service COI Step 7   You may also download a copy of any and all of the COI's you have created Self Service COI Step 8