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JDW offers quotes free of charge for commercial truck insurance quotes from the top-rated commercial truck insurance companies.
Owner Operators, New Authority, Hazmat, UIIA , Flatbed & Small Fleet Truck Insurance is our Wheelhouse.

We will help you customize your commercial truck insurance policy to suit your needs which will allow you to haul the cargo you need to haul in order to run a successful trucking company. And we will help you control your commercial truck insurance cost.



Finding the right solution for your owner operator truck insurance is our goal at JDW Truckers Insurance. We are able to shop and compare quotes from our large network of the top rated commercial truck insurance companies to help you find the correct policy which will allow you to haul the cargo you want and need to in order to run a successful trucking company. And we help you find the most affordable owner operator truck insurance which will fit into your budget.

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We are here to discuss and explain the different commercial truck insurance options you may need or are required to have  in place.

Our small fleet truck insurance discounted pricing starts with 3 power units and goes to 40 power units. We can request quotes on the behalf of our clients from our large list of commercial truck insurance companies. Our carriers all have a AM Best Rating of A – or better. It is important to be insured by a reputable insurance carrier when insuring your small fleet.

You want to be insured by a carrier who your shippers will work with and one with the financial stability to handle claims if needed.

We have a very simple process to let you know quickly how we can help you save money on your commercial truck insurance rates and get an affordable policy in place with the correct coverages.

Customizing your Policy to Save you Money is What we Do!

Getting your new authority truck insurance in place can be confusing to decide on which is the best commercial truck insurance company to insure your new venture into the trucking world. And this process can be stressful.

JDW Truckers Insurance takes the time to help you understand your requirements you will need on your insurance policy to operator your new authority successfully. You want to be approve by the FMCSA to haul loads and you want to be insured by a carrier with a good AM Best Rating your shippers will accept.

We go beyond just selling your new authority truck insurance policy. We answer your questions upfront.

If you are seasoned working with the UIIA or this is a new venture into hauling containers for the UIIA. JDW can help you find the correct policy which will help you be successful working with the UIIA. We can offer quotes from UIIA Insurance companies with the correct endorsements to make sure you can work with the UIIA equipment providers you want to work with in order to get loads.

Not all commercial truck insurance companies offer the correct UIIA endorsement such at the CA 2317. We write UIIA insurance coverages in many states and know these markets well.

How much trailer interchange coverage do you need? Do you need a WOS and does your policy comes with the correct blanket additional insured endorsements?

Talk to us and we can help you.

Auto Liability Insurance

This is your primary liability which gets you authorized by the FMCAS and shippers to haul loads. Normally the coverage is set at $1,000,000 and higher is some cases. We can help you get the correct amount of primary liability coverage in place at affordable rates.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

The standard coverage for motor truck cargo is $100,000. In some cases shipper may require higher cargo limits. We will discuss this with you to make sure you have the right amount of cargo coverage in place place to haul the loads you want to in order to run a successful trucking company,

Physical Damage Insurance

Physical damage insurance is designed to cover your equipment and equipment of others. If your truck or trailers are damaged. And PD will coverage the trailers of others if you are power only.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is relevantly inexpensive and required by some such at Amazon, UIIA and some flatbed options are required to have general liability. GL is not to be confused with your primary auto liability which both cover damage to property and bodily injury to others but there are differences. We can review and explain the differences.

No-Owned or Trailer Interchange Insurance

Knowing if you are required to carry non-owned trailer insurance or trailer interchange is important to know. Each can cover different requirements you may need to work with the different brokers and shippers.

Excess Liability Insurance

A excess liability policy can sit on top of your auto primary liability or motor truck cargo policy. And can by required by companies you work with in order to haul their loads.

Being insured by one the top rated commercial truck insurance companies can be vital to success of your trucking company for many reasons. Choosing the right carrier based up their AM Best Rating and who they offer the best rates to based upon your location and the cargo you are hauling is an important consideration

To name a few:

  • Do they have the financial stability to pay claims in a timely manner?
  • Do they have a response endorsement department?
  • Do have the staff to service you policy?

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Being compliant with the FMCSA should not be overlooked. You not only have to pass your physical DOT inspection but there is paperwork to consider. We help you find the answers to your questions.

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Financing for Truck Insurance

We can help you finance your commercial truck insurance policy with good terms. We have several finance companies we can shop and compare for you.

Interest rates are up which means you will be paying more when you finance your commercial truck insurance policy.

We do have a direct market, which means you pay the commercial truck insurance company direct. The means no financing charges which could save you thousands per year in payments.

Customer Service plays a Key Role in Trucking Insurance

Choose the Right Agent

When choosing the agent, you want to represent you to the insurance companies. Pick an agent that is trained in commercial truck insurance. And make sure the agent you choose to work with is there when you need them. Our agents are trained in commercial truck insurance and are easy to contact. Email, phone call or text message. We respond quickly to our clients.

Insurance Companies Customer Service

Not only should you choose a responsive agent but you will want to be insured by a commercial insurance company who also responds to your requests and are there to help you in case of a claim or endorsements

Certificate of Insurance

Not being able to get a quick COI could cost you money by not being able to pick up a load for the lack of a COI. Our clients at JDW Truckers Insurance are given access to our COI Portal where they can issue a COI 24/7 free of charge.

AM Best Ratings

The AM Best Rating of the commercial truck insurance company you choose to insure your operation should not be over looked. You want to be insured by a trucking insurance company that has the financial stability to pay claims. Many shippers will require an AM Best Rating of A – minus of better. At JDW all of network of commercial truck insurance companies have an AM Best Rating of A – or better.

If you are shopping for quotes for your upcoming renewal. We can help you. One of two things will happen. 1) Our pricing will be better or 2) If we do not offer better pricing. At least you may sleep better at night knowing you have shopped for a better rate. We keep your current commercial truck insurance agent honest.

Commercial Truck Insurance Policies

JDW will work with you one on one to customize your policy (one size does not fit all).

We help you get a commercial truck insurance policy in place that will suit your needs allowing you to haul the cargo you need to in order to have a successful trucking company. And we do this while helping you to control your commercial truck insurance cost

Contact us today and we will go to work for you.

JDW works with a network of the top rated commercial truck insurance companies who offer the correct coverages at the best rates.

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