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  • Auto Liability – $1,000,000 limit with excess up to $5,000,000.
  • General Liability – $1,000,000 limit with excess up to $5,000,000
  • Trailer Interchange Agreement – from $20,000 with excess up to $100,000.
  • Broad Cargo Coverage – limits up to $1,000,000.
  • Non Trucking Liability – up to $1,000,000 written on policy as needed.
  • Terminal and Container Yard Coverage – $100,000 limit with excess up to $5,000,000.
  • Warehouseman’s Liability – $2,000,000 with excess up to $10,000,000.
  • UIIA Intermodal Hazmat Coverages

Make sure to work with an trucking insurance agency who knows the UIIA insurance requirements and can get you insured with an insurance company who offers all the UIIA insurance requirements. The above is an overview but there are more requirements which you may have to meet to work with the Equipment Providers (EP) on the UIIA.

At JDW Truck Insurance we can login into the UIIA web portal and help you get your UIIA insurance policy setup correctly.

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Not all so-called Intermodal Policies are Equal. Just ask the UIIA.

How are the insurance markets being affected by more requests for intermodal carrier insurance to work with the UIIA?

  • Insurance companies like to insure a certain number of clients per region. They allocate a certain amount of money they are willing to put at risks in different stages. As they reach their target risk, in many cases, they will raise their rates or have more requirements of the carriers before the will offer a policy. This has happened recently with several insurance companies who offer insurance which will be accepted by the UIIA.
  • Then on the other hand some insurance companies will see an opportunity market and design a program just for the new influx of requests. One such example is Canal. They just released a intermodal program for those wishing to work with the UIIA. The states this new programs rolled out in are GA, NC, SC, VA, and AL.

Beware of what you buy.

  • The standard requirements for the UIIA are $1m in primary liability, 100k cargo, trailer exchange which can run between $20k and up. Most can get work with around $25k in trailer exchange. Then the general liability of $1M / $2M.
  • Buyer beware. Although the above seems standard which many insurance companies offer daily. We have had many carriers contact us ask why if they have the above coverage why is the UIIA rejecting their insurance policy?
  • It boils down to your policy having the correct endorsements. For example, the CA 2317 or the Hired Auto Exclusion.

Trailer Exchange.

  • This coverage is scrutinized by the UIIA.
  • The wording in the policy has come under review. They UIIA wants clear language stating the containers themselves are covered.
  • The discussion focused on is the container part of the trailer when attached. And would the trailer interchange policy cover damages to the container. One might think so, but the UIIA wants more specific wording. Most truckers we have talked to stated they thought the container when on the trailer is part of the trailer therefore covered. And even several underwriters we have spoken to reflect the same thoughts.
  • Could the container be considered cargo? Perhaps. We have asked underwriters this question and think this may being worked on. But the bottom line before you buy a policy when trying to work with the UIIA. It is advisable to have the policy and endorsements reviewed by the UIIA risk management team.
  • And keep in mind care and custody of the trailer and containers must be worded correctly.

Contractual Coverages.

  • Insurance policies can have options we will go into effect based upon contractual coverages you may be required to have in order to haul for different companies, including the UIIA. This must also be reviewed. They UIIA has ask for this to be made clearer from some insurance companies.

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