Preferred Trucking Fleet Insurance

  • Preferred Fleet Pricing could SAVE you Money

  • Get some of the best premiums pricing with the correct coverages in the markets!

    You run your trucking operation the Right Way. Why not reap some benefits. The right match is saving on premiums while having the right coverages. You do not wish to cut corners on either.

    • 3 years in business
    • No Hours of Service Violations
    • No Unsafe Driving BASIC Alerts
    • 10 plus Power Units
    • Good Hiring Practices
  • Please give us some basic information. We will do a quick review and let you know if we can get your qualified for our Preferred Fleet Pricing.

    The complexity of an commercial truck insurance policy can be summed up:
    Saving money on insurance premiums to help increase your bottom line is important.
    Having the correct coverages in place in the event a claim occurs and your policy responds to help you is important.
    With one of the goals being to create an equilibrium relationship between price and coverage.