Commercial Truck Insurance Solutions

We offer specialized programs to help you:

    • Fleets – (Fleet pricing and reporting options start at 11+ power units to no size limits)
    • Owner Operators – (We can offer quotes from our network insurance companies to find your right coverage and help you increase your bottom line)
    • Small Fleets – (Small truck fleet insurance pricing starting 5 to 10 power units)
    • New Authority – (Starting a new authority can be costly if you overpay or do not have the correct coverages)
    • Hazmat – (All classes)
    • UIIA – Filing and support
    • Amazon – (We have many clients who work in the different Amazon Relay programs)
    • High Risk – (You may be high risk to one insurer but not another – we can help you find out)
    • Canceled / Non-Renewed – (Sudden cancellation or non-renews can mean not getting loads. We can move fast to help you keep your authority active)
    • Rapid Growth Programs – (Under pressure to stop growing or worried about being canceled for rapid growth? We have a program that will let you grow at your own pace without these worries)