Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements

Commercial Truck Insurance
Type of Freight – Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements Minimum Limits
Non-hazardous freight moved in vehicles under 10,001 lbs. $300,000
Non-hazardous freight in vehicles over 10,001 lbs. $750,000
Oil moved by For-Hire & Private Carriers $1,000,000
Other Hazardous Material moved by For-Hire & Private Carriers $5,000,000

Primary Liability Insurance Requrements Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements

  • $750,000 – Most trucks hauling most commodities are required to have a minimum of $750,000 of primary liability coverage. Many brokers will require a minimum of $1,000,000
  • $1,000,000 – As noted the commercial truck minimum requirements is $750,000 but most brokers and shippers you work with will request you have $1,000,000 in primary liability.
  • $5,000,000 – If you are hauling certain hazardous materials, you’ll need a minimum of $5,000,000 in coverage.

Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements Cargo

The standard commercial truck insurance requirements for cargo is $100k. This can change depending on the type of cargo you haul. For example: Hazmat cargo insurance can be higher as well as auto hauler. And then if you are hauling heavy equipement or oversize loads. The commercial truck insurance requirements for the cargo you are hauling may be higher.

Knowing the correct commercial truck insurance requirements for the cargo you haul is very important. Some brokers / shippers may not accept certain a cargo policy from certain insurance comnpanies. You do not wish to buy a cargo policy which is not accepted. This could cost you money. JDW Truck Insurance can help you get the correct cargo insurance policy in place.

We can help you get the correct commercial truck insurance requirements in place and save money.

Choosing the right commercial truck insurance company is important. Not all commercial truck insurance policies offer the same coverages, Here are some examples of coverage you may be get with some of our insurance carriers.

General Coverages

• A standard additional insured coverage at no additional cost ✓
• Manuscript endorsements available to address unique coverage needs ✓
• No radius restrictions ✓
• Single deductible for physical damage and cargo coverages at no additional charge ✓
• Downtime coverage automatically included ✓
• No coinsurance provision ✓
• A blanket additional insured endorsement to assist in shipping contracts and terminal access agreements ✓


• Coverage for misdelivery of dry, gaseous, or liquid commodities ✓
• No exclusion for punitive damages ✓
• Pollution coverage included in auto liability coverage form ✓
• Defense coverage provided in addition to policy limits ✓

Physical Damage

• Automatic coverage for newly acquired vehicles during policy term ✓
• Coverage for towing charges in addition to policy limits ✓
• Lease value or finance value coverage available for gap between actual cash value and loan value/lease
value payoff ✓
• Hired auto physical damage (bailee) coverage vs. trailer interchange (no written agreement required,
covers all equipment types) ✓
• No physical damage restrictions for stainless steel or insulated tankers ✓

Motor Truck Cargo

• Coverage for removal expenses to extract pollutants caused by a covered cargo loss
(up to $10,000 in pollution cleanup) ✓
• Coverage includes earned freight charges, alcohol, consumer electronics, owned goods, wet loads,
mysterious disappearance, refrigeration breakdown (including driver error), and losses that occur during
loading and unloading (excluding rigging, hoisting, erecting, installing, or dismantling operations)

• No coinsurance penalty, no tarped load or locked vehicle warranties, no exclusion for unattended theft, and no
increased deductibles for specific types of losses ✓
• Increased limits available for specific shippers or commodities ✓
• Cargo expenses incurred to reduce or eliminate loss are not subject to a deductible ✓
• Reefer breakdown losses do not have a separate deductible ✓
• Willing to do trip endorsements to provide additional limits by trip or commodity ✓


• Flexible payment plans including monthly reporting options based on mileage, units, revenue, or values
(for qualifying accounts) ✓
• No minimum premium on reporting policy payment plans ✓
• Risk sharing programs for qualifying fleet accounts
(self-insured retentions, large deductible programs, and single parent and group captive options) ✓
• Excess and umbrella coverage for greater asset protection ✓


• Superior claims service: In-house adjusters handle all claims ✓
• Adjusters available via toll-free 800 number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ✓
• Adjusters who specialize in commercial auto liability, physical damage, and cargo coverage ✓
• Ability to visit the scene of serious accidents using corporate aircraft ✓
• Access to real-time claims info, driver, and equipment management via Insured Portal ✓

Safety Management / Loss Control & Prevention

• Regionally-based loss control staff with strong truck safety knowledge and expertise ✓
• Invitation-only leadership symposiums with speakers that address the latest trucking industry trends, methods to
increase the bottom line, and strategies to increase operational efficiency ✓
• Safety management and loss prevention resources, help with DOT compliance, periodic educational seminars, and
driver training ✓
• Frequent webinars on risk management strategies, loss control trends, and issues impacting the trucking industry ✓
• Free safety management and driver training materials such as videos, manuals, and bulletins; JJ Keller
product discounts are also available ✓
• Access to a Loss Analysis Tool, a robust claims frequency and severity trending tool ✓
• Safety recognition and incentive programs for insureds’ employees ✓
• Periodic newsletters and brochures with industry news, tips, and advice provided to insureds at no charge ✓
• Safety Road Map program to help growing fleets learn how to maximize profits by minimizing and mitigating losses ✓


• Assistance to recover costs incurred when another party is responsible for the accident
(i.e., downtime and deductibles) ✓