Our small fleet truck insurance is for operations with 3 to 50 power units.

Small Fleet Truck Insurance Quotes

At JDW Truckers Insurance we offer several different small fleet truck insurance policy options. A standard small fleet insurance policy should not be purchased and we suggest you do not use one of the many services you see online to request small fleet truck insurance instant quotes. They are computerized and do have have a human touch in most cases. Our underwriters lay their eyes on the applications we submit. We require this of our underwriters because we strongly feel one size does not fit all when it comes to insurance and especially with fleet owners insurance policies. We have the knowledge and ability to negotiate on behalf of our clients. And the underwriters are aware of this fact. They realize we put the needs of our clients first and not the insurance companies which is why we have a large network of commercial truck insurance companies to request quote from for our clients.

Small fleet truck insurance can be broken down into main categories. 1) The number of years you have had insurance in place and 2) The number of power units.

Our small fleet truck insurance levels are:

  • 3 to 5 power units
  • 6  to 9 power units
  • 10 – 24 power units
  • 25 plus power units

We work with 20 plus commercial truck insurance companies and offer quotes in:

AL – AR – FL – GA – IL – IN – MO – MS – NC – NV – OH – PA – SC – TN – TX – VA

Reporting options such as scheduled, gross revenue and mileage will be determined by years in business and your number of power units.

AM Best Ratings are important. Don’t let others tell you they are not. Odds are they are just trying to sell you a policy based solely on price. Don’t get us wrong. Pricing is critical. But saving a few bucks may cost you in the long run if they have bad customer service and do not have the staff to process endorsements and claims quickly.

Our commercial truck insurance carrier all have high AM Best Ratings. Because they have a high am best rating does not mean they charge more for your policy. In many cases it can be the opposite. The am best rating shows the financial stability of an insurance carrier. If an insurance carrier with a low am best rating goes under. There is a good chance you might be left holding the bag. And reasons to get insured with an insurance carrier with a high am best rating is customer service and how they fast they can process claims to get you back on the road.

Our Process for requesting Small Fleet Truck Insurance Quotes is simple

  • This is a straight forward process.
  • You send us a little information and we do the rest.
  • We will review your information and let you know quickly if we have markets to help you.
  • You will be working one on one with one agent – Joe

If your DOT # is registered in one this states: Florida – South Carolina – Texas – Tennessee – Indiana – Mississippi – North Carolina – Alabama – Nevada – Missouri – Virginia – Georgia – Pennsylvania – Illinois – Ohio – Arkansas – We can help you find the best small truck fleet insurance price.

If you have questions about our capabilities for your small fleet truck insurance. We welcome them. Please text or call Joe at 843-849-4929 (please do not text and drive).

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