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Trucking Fleet Insurance Overview and Requirements

Meeting these requirments offers the opportunity to get some of the best commercial truck insurance rates in the markets.

AttributeLikelyGood Chance
Years in Business5+3 to 5
% of Owner / OperatorsLess than 50%50%+
Owner / Operator and / or
company driver locations
All in risk in home or adjascent stateMajority in risk home state
or adjascent state
Driver AgesMajority of drivers between ages 25 and 65Small % under age 25 and / or over age 65
Driver ExperienceMajority+ of drivers w/ 5+ years CDL experienceSmall % with under 5 years CDL
Driver TurnoverLess than 35% of drivers hired
within last 12 months
ess than 45% of drivers hired
w/in last 24 months
35% - 50% of drivers hired
within last 12 months
45% - 65% of drivers hired w/in
last 24 months
Driver ProfileOver 70% of drivers acc / vio free
for last 3 years
50% - 70% of drivers acc / vio
free for last 3 years
Driver ViolationsNone with major violation or
3+ minor violations
1 or 2 with major violation or
3+ minor violations
(pending risk size)
Driver AccidentsAll drivers have 1 or fewer at
fault accidents
Drivers with 2 at fault accidents
with property damage only
Loss SeverityProfitable each of
the last 5 years
Unprofitable 1 of
the last 5 years
Loss Frequency - Last 3 YearsLess than 2 liability / phy dam
losses per million miles
2 to 3 liability / phys dam losses
per million miles
Driver & Vehicle Out of
Service Rates
Below National Average Above National Average (if
greater than 10 inspections)
Number of SMS AlertsNone1 or 2 with explanation and plan
to address
GrowthLess than 25% 1 year
Less than 50% 2-year
25% - 50% 1 year
50% - 90% 2 year
Our non preferred fleet insurance offers very competive commercial truck insurance rates from some of the top rated commercial truck insurance companies. We have 25 + commercial truck insurance rates we can shop and compare quotes for you. All types of trucking operations are considered.
  • Start ups
  • Rapid Growth Programs
  • High Risk
  • Cancelled
  • Or if you are shopping for better pricing
  • Or better customer service
AttributeLikelyGood Chance
Years in Business1 + years in businessStart ups
Driver Ages24 - 6524 - 65
Driver Experience2 years CDL experience2 years CDL experience
Drivers LocationCan take out of state drivers.Can take out of state drivers.
Power Units AgeNo more than 15 years old. (In some cases. Older units are allowed depending on the ratio of the newer units to the older ones)No more than 15 years old. (In some cases. Older units are allowed depending on the ratio of the newer units to the older ones)
GrowthRapid Growth allowedRapid Growth allowed
JDW Truck Insurance has many different options for your excess trucking liability needs: Some of our insurance markets offer excess liaiblity insurance are:
  • Hallmark
  • Crum & Forster
  • Wilshire & Accpetance
  • Scion
  • James River
  • Chubb Ace
  • Merchants
  • Indian Harbor
We know trucking and the commercial trucking insurance companies. JDW can and will help you find the right commercial truck insurance company to cover your operation with premiums to fit your budget. We shop and compare for you.
  1. Berkshire
  2. Auto Owners
  3. Falls Lake
  4. Progressive
  5. Travelers
  6. Seneca
  7. Great Lakes
  8. Allied World
  9. Allianz
  10. Ace Hazmat
  11. ACE Fleet
  12. United Specialty
  13. Hudson Fleet
  14. Markel
  15. Chubb
  16. Arch
  17. Acuity
  18. A-One RRG
  19. Tokio Marine
  20. Sompo International
  21. National General
  22. Lexington
  23. Lancer
  24. Easter Atlantic Insurance Company
  25. DB Insurance
  26. AIG
  27. Great American
  28. ACE / Westchester
  29. NICO
  30. National Casualty / Nationwide
  31. Scottsdale Brokerage
  32. IAT
  33. Crum Forster
  34. Canal
  35. Northland
If you do not see an insurance company on this list. It does not mean we do not do business with them.
  • Primary Liability High Limits
  • General Liability
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Physcial Damage
  • UIIA Intermodal
  • Trailer Exchange
  • Hazmat
  • High Risk
  • Cancelled or Non-Renewed
  • Excess Liability with High Limits
  • Rapid Growth Programs
  • Federal and State Filings
  • We offer coverages in any combination you require
  • Small and Large Fleets of any Size
  • Owner Operator of any size
  • Rapid Growth Programs
  • For Hire Truckers
  • 100 Mile Radius Truckers
  • 300 Mile Radius Truckers
  • 500 Mile Radius Truckers
  • Unlimited Mile Radius Truckers
  • Long Haul Trucking Operations
  • Intermediate Trucking Operations
  • Grain Haulers
  • Agricultural Products (Grains, Produce, General Farm Freight)
  • Fertilizer (Bagged, Bulk, Liquid)
  • Horse Haulers
  • Livestock Haulers
  • Milk Haulers
  • Lumber Haulers
  • Logging Trucks
  • LPG Haulers
  • Wood Chip Delivery
  • Produce Haulers
  • Pulp Wood
  • Dirt, Rock, Sand, Or Gravel
  • General Aggregate Products
  • Hay Haulers
  • Asphalt And Paving
  • Cement Or Ready Mix
  • Contaminated Dirt Or Dirty Dirt
  • Contractors’ Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Machinery
  • Heavy Haul
  • Building Supplies
  • Pre-Fabricated Buildings
  • Pre-Fabricated Concrete
  • Ready Mix Operations
  • Pallet Haulers
  • Pipe Haulers
  • Wholesale Food Distribution
  • Dry Food Products
  • Refrigerated Products
  • Dry Freight
  • Milk Haulers
  • Liquid Food Products
  • Seafood Delivery
  • Crude Oil Haulers
  • Water Haulers (Including Fracking)
  • Contaminated Dirt Or Dirty Dirt
  • Diesel Fuel Hauler
  • Gasoline Hauler
  • Chemical Haulers
  • Jet Fuel Haulers
  • Coal Haulers
  • Butane Hauler
  • Propane Hauler
  • Fertilizer (Bagged, Bulk, Liquid)
  • Fracking Liquids
  • Hazardous Waste Haulers
  • Home Heating Oil
  • Fuel Haulers
  • Garbage Haulers
  • Waste Oil
  • Waste Disposal
  • Tank Trucks
  • Recycled Grease Or Oil
  • Recyclables
  • Oil Filled Equipment Haulers
  • Scrap Metal
  • Lab Waste Haulers
  • Medical Waste Haulers
  • Bio Hazard Haulers
  • Medical Equipment Haulers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Auto Transport
  • Auto Parts Haulers
  • Boats
  • Car Carriers
  • Mobile Home Totter
  • Container Haulers
  • Containerized Freight
  • Dump Truck Operations
  • Explosive Hauler
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Bulk Liquid Haulers
  • Metal Dealers
  • Metal Transporters
  • Mining Equipment
  • Office Equipment Haulers
  • Paper Products
  • Retail Delivery
  • Steel Haulers
  • UIIA Hauler
  • Wholesale Delivery
When you work with us at JDW Truck Insurance. You are getting a professional and knowledgeable team behind you to insure you have the correct coverage at the most affordable rates in the commercial truck insurance markets:
  • Transportation Risk Specialist (TRS) - Our agents are trained the trucking insurance markets. All we offer is commercal truck insurance.
  • Our customer service is second to none.
  • Our knowledge of the transportaton insurance markets is second to none. Ask us questions. Get straight answers.
  • We have a full time endorsement department
  • 24/7 COIs
  • Loss Control programs (can be optional)
  • No hidden fees or up charges

At JDW Truck Insurance we work with 25 + commercial truck insurance companies.
We can go beyond the standard markets most agents only have to help you find the best solution in helping you improve your bottom line.

Special Fleet Pricing and Reporting Options start at 11 plus Trucks