It is always important to file your claim as soon as possible.
• Date and location of accident or loss.
• Your policy number and vehicle information.
• Names, phone numbers and insurance information of other people involved in the accident.
• Descriptions of how the accident happened, the damage to all vehicles, and description of any injuries.
• Witness information.
• Name and report numbers for any police officers, firemen, or ambulances responding to the scene of the accident.What To Do After An Accident or Loss:
• Contact the authorities, such as the police or fire department, even on minor accidents or fire damage.
• If someone is injured call for medical assistance.
• If possible, move the vehicles to safety and out of the way of traffic.
• Turn your 4-ways on and safety triangles out
• Take note of the damage to the vehicles and, if you have a camera, take photos to document the damage.
• Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver and obtain contact information for any witnesses.
• Do not sign any document and do not discuss the loss with anyone other than the police, your insurance agent, or your carrier for this policy.

Controlling claim costs is all of our jobs.
Helping us control claims will help control your costs and insurance rates. • Report immediately any accident where there is possible bodily injury. Get as much information as you can.
• Spills of diesel fuel and other fluids can cause a huge environmental problem. The cost of cleaning up spills increases with the delay in responding and reporting. Do not wait for the police or local environmental officials. REPORT ALL SPILLS IMMEDIATEY
If required take your drug and alcohol testing.