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Joe D. Wells – TRS – Transportation Risk Specialist

Founder and Owner of JDW Truckers Insurance LLC

Joe is a member of the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation


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JDW Truck Insurance has developed a strong presence in the trucking insurance markets. Our company is well respected by commercial truck insurance companies. Which allows us to offer a wide range of coverages at affordable prices. The insurance companies know we shop and compare for our clients.

Joe spent 20 years working in Capital Markets for such companies as Merrill Lynch and Oppenheimer before entering the insurance markets.

The complexity of an commercial truck insurance policy can be summed up:

  • Saving money on insurance premiums to help increase your bottom line is important.
  • Having the correct coverages in place in the event a claim occurs and your policy responds to help you is important.
  • With one of the goals to create an equilibrium relationship between price and coverage.
  • JDW Truck Insurance has the experience, knowledge and network of insurance companies to help you optimize your insurance policy to help you improve your bottom line and be protected with the correct coverages.


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Joe Wells is a licensed insurance agent and owner of JDW Truckers Insurance LLC
We not a MGA or General Agent

We are full-service trucking insurance agency:
The TRS designation is administered by the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation.  Members included the top commercial truck insurance agents, agencies, underwriters, and insurance companies who serve the transportation insurance industry.

Achieving the TRS Designation is earned by:

  • Rigorous specialized studies
  • Regular progress evaluations
  • Dedicated work experience
  • High standards of integrity and a commitment to maintaining a current level of technical expertise in understanding and servicing the transportation industry

In summary: Our commitment is to our clients. Through our large network of transportation insurance companies and our connection with other TRS, we strive to find our clients the best policy in the markets to cover their operation correctly at affordable pricing. We are very good at negotiating on behalf of our clients.

Our customer service is outstanding and we are very accessible to our clients. We monitor our client’s insurance needs and the changing insurance markets ongoing. Always seeking new opportunities for our clients.

Our goal is not to tell you who to run your trucking company but advise you how to get the best rates with the proper coverage


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